“The band also started doing hugely popular live shows in the region, including at the Fish Market on King Street (their last show there was in 2015, after the band started to draw too-rowdy crowds), and the District’s 9:30 Club. They also played in Baltimore at Soundstage. More recently, they have been expanding their touring area: They recent played two shows in Denver, and later this summer they will hit Richmond, Wilmington, N.C. and Ocean City, Md.But they haven’t forgotten their roots: The band will be at the Del Ray Music Festival on Saturday, July 13. They return to the 9:30 Club as headliners on Saturday, July 27.”

- Beth Lawton- Alexandria Living Magazine 6/24/19

'The song is about trying to find yourself in solitude but also about dealing with the pain that that solitude can cause for others in your life when you go off on your own,” says Andrew Pfeiffer, lead singer of the Washington D.C. area genre-blending band, FeelFree, about his band’s latest single, “Lonely Life.” I first met Pfeiffer this past winter at their local venue, Gypsy Sally’s, when the band opened for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad as part of a Bob Marley birthday celebration. Friendly and warm, he had the kind of personality that makes you feel like you’ve been friends for a long time. I had never heard of the band before that evening but enjoyed their high-energy show. Pfeiffer and guitarist Evan Hulehan have been playing together since their middle school years growing up in Alexandria, VA almost 15 years ago. With the addition of bass player Garret Clausen and trumpeter Colin Cantfil close to ten years ago, most of the band has had plenty of experience working together and it shows in their tight live performances...." (to read more, click below)

   -Dave Shiffman-ROOTFIRE First Listen: FeelFree "Lonely Life" 6/27/18

"FeelFree, in my opinion, is a perfect example of the sort of gems that the greater Washington D.C. area harbors, and discovering their talent, kinship and carefree approach to an incredible and unique sound, is what led me to approach them for an interview soon after our meeting. The five-piece stirs the cauldron with a reggae beat, funk-rock sound and a jazzy connotation. Pair that with breezy, soul-churning vocals, multi-instrumental talent… and you have yourself a recipe for a breadth of potential."

- Karina Verlan - THE MELOMANIACS - October 4, 2017

"DC's FeelFree defies easy categorization by genre, blending musical traditions like reggae, rock, funk, and jazz into a diverse sound that anyone can groove to. This is one funky reggae party that has a little bit of everything for everyone."


"D.C.-area band FeelFree also draws inspiration from reggae. FeelFree vocalist, guitarist and trombonist Andrew Pfeiffer, drummer Bryan Frank, guitarist and vocalist Evan Hulehan started jamming as middle schoolers in 2004. The band’s sound is laid-back jazzy funk peppered with big horn-lines reminiscent of a soulful New Orleans second line. Last year, FeelFree performed as a finalist in FloydFest’s Fandango competition, but came up short in the final voting round, Pfeiffer says. This year, he and his crew want the chance to 'leave it all on the stage at Lockn.’”

-Mary Shea Valliant C-VILLE NEWS (June 14, 2017)

"FeelFree frontman Andrew Pfeiffer's male Sade-esque vocals are the reason why the reggae-infused Alexandria band is the sound of summer. See them Wednesday at Jammin Java"


"Lockn' announces top 12 Virginia bands! Lockn' Festival, in partnership with Starr Hill Brewery and Virginia Tourism Corporation, announced the top 12 semi-finalists in the 2017 Rockn' To Lockn' competition. For the past two weeks, fans participated in a national online voting contest to listen and vote on 20 Virginia bands with the top-voted 12 bands moving to the next phase of the competition. The grand prize of the Rockn' To Lockn' contest is one of three performance slots at the Lockn' Festival and a $500 performance fee [...] Virginia-based band FeelFree from Washington, D.C. makes it to the next round in the Rockn' to Lockn' competition to win one of three spots to play live at this summer's Lockn' Festival."

- Monique Calello NEWSLEADER ( March 7, 2017)

"FeelFree's music flows like a "hummingbird" and stings like a bee on their latest EP, The Ebb Tide."

- Joe Fitzpatrick, The Dominion Collective (Jan 27, 2015)

"I wanted to share some music from a Washington DC based Reggae-Rock band FeelFree. Check out couple of my favorite tracks from the band "Popcorn & Alcohol" and "Good Folk". Couldn't help but pick the smooth tracks! The band just released their new EP entitled The Ebb Tide, available for free download at Hopefully see more good things from these guys in the future!”

- Rudeboy Reggae, Rudeboy Reggae (Dec 30, 2013)

“July has been a good month for Alexandria based reggae band FeelFree: they were named DC Deli’s band of the month and have begun their first East Coast tour. They will be back in the DMV for their final performance of the summer on Aug. 2, at Jammin’ Java.”

- Carla Branch, Alexandria News (Jul 23, 2013)

"FeelFree rocks a sold-out show with VACO at the 9:30 club December 22nd"

- Carla Branch, Alexandria News (Dec 28, 2012)

“FeelFree is ready to break loose from “de pen.” So it is always a pleasure to promote local roots reggae on the DC-based Midnight Raver Blog. I saw these guys a few weeks ago at the Del Ray Music Festival and I offered to showcase their stuff on the blog. Two things that really struck me about these guys: guitars and horns, two instruments that are missing from reggae right now. These guys have killer horns and guitars, in fact two lead guitarists who shred. There is so much sound coming from such a little band. They have an incredible sound and vibe.”

- Michael Watson, Midnight Raver Blog

"Alexandia's own FeelFree come forward with some sweet soothing chunez, and this brand new one, "Good Folk" is no exception! settle back, churn up the speaks, and let this one soothe your soul. NICE stuff FeelFree! Extra clean, great production, incredible musicianship! "

- Reggae Virginia News Service (Mar 18, 2012)

“FeelFree’s sound is an amalgam of many different genres [...] 'We’re trying to add more bluesy, funky guitar feel on top of the reggae,” Hulehan said. “Our evolution is probably not done yet. Our musical tastes are changing. We want to add more styles to our blend. We are still working on getting more instruments involved.' In the spring, the band climbed the reggae charts on ReverbNation, a social networking site that allows musicians to post and share their music. Check out FeelFree’s profile by clicking here."

- Drew Hanson, Del Ray Patch (Jun 23, 2011)

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